E-Qalin as a European distribution system

High-quality services of E-Qalin have been adapted to different European cultures and will be further distributed by means of partnerships based on a distribution system. This means that E-Qalin Ltd as has entered into a continuing contractual relationship with local partners in Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and Slovenia - and is intending to do so in a number of other countries such as France, the UK, the Czech Republic,...

E-Qalin Ltd. has accredited national partners for training, consulting and certification. In cooperation with these partners E-Qalin Ltd. fosters further development of products and services, coordination, networking and  knowledge management. Fees for service are helping E-Qalin Ltd., which is actually a non-profit organisation, to fulfil these tasks.

National partners are autonomous agencies that provide services either in the areas of training and consulting or certification. 

The following agencies offer E-Qalin training and consulting:

If you are interested to become a national partner, please turn to: E-Qalin GmbH