Quality management in health, social and long-term care: E-Qalin

E-Qalin® is a comprehensive, innovative and dynamic quality management system which is oriented towards practice in the following areas:

  • Residential care for older people (German, English, French, Italian, Slovene)
  • Community care (thus far only in German)
  • Services for people with disabilities (thus far only in German)
  • Social work (thus far only in Slovene)

E-Qalin® Ltd. and its partners in the different countries provide training, consultancy and certification.

E-Qalin® is characterised by practice-oriented learning which involves all hierarchical levels of an organisation and thus calls for active participation of staff. Individual staff is being qualified to implement an organisational learning process towards continuous improvement.

Key objectives of E-Qalin® and its application in social and health services comprise the following issues as a response to the sector?s current challenges:

  • To increase the quality of care and assistance for residents/clients
  • To increase staff satisfaction
  • To foster dignified ageing in society and social inclusion for all people with care needs
  • To facilitate the assessment, measurement and improvement of performance (structural, process and result quality)
  • To conceive quality management as an issue of training to improve competitiveness, personal responsibility, efficiency and the ability to work on one's own responsibility
  • To increase professional working and the attractiveness as employer
  • To foster a positive image for the entire health and social care sector